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Your learning will never end at SaladStop! as we strive to constantly innovate and share ways in improving your wellbeing. Ultimately, our core business is more than just salads. We are in the people business, and know that your daily dedication, collective efforts and hard work is what moves us forward. We are on an exciting adventure and look forward to you joining this journey.

  • Restaurant Manager

    Restaurant Managers are responsible for their store’s operations and monthly sales targets. They ensure that the restaurant operates efficiently while maintaining a happy and fun working environment for the whole team. Restaurant Managers are also responsible for the business performance, as well as maintaining high standards of food, service and safety.

  • Restaurant Supervisor

    Restaurant Supervisors are responsible for the operations of the back of house and kitchen area. They ensure that our standards are upheld: the food looks good and is cooked properly, the proportions are correct, and everything is prepared and served quickly. Supervisors also make sure that the kitchen is properly cleaned on a regular schedule, food is disposed off properly and the kitchen meets all sanitation standards.

  • Restaurant Captain

    Restaurant Captains help direct work on the floor. Running a shift, leading a team, and making decisions that impact store operations. A great way to develop leadership skills and expand responsibility.

  • Salad Artist

    Salad Artists are really the face of SaladStop!. They are experts in handcrafting the perfect meal from our menu or in helping you create your own. They know the ingredients inside out!

  • Preparation Specialist

    Prep Specialists are in charge of preparing of all ingredients and ensuring that only the freshest ingredients reach the salad bar. They guarantee that the kitchen is at its cleanest and that all the proper steps and procedures are followed.

  • Chopper

    Choppers are experts in helping you choose the best dressing that fits your meal. They also add that final touch to create the perfect salad, wrap or quinoa bowl by chopping, mixing and tossing every bowl.

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